The journey is often better than the destination

As a speaker my passion is to bring something new into every talk.  Before each talk I tend to immerse myself in researching the topic.  At conferences, I’ve been known to be working on my presentation hours before the scheduled talk (ok sometime minutes).  This is critical.  The last 5% I add to my presentation fuses a current theme or event into the flow.   If you are looking for a well researched, deep dive into technology, business process, sales or recruiting or a fusion therein, I’m your guy.

I update and customize my most popular presentations regularly and will work with you to customize the message for your event. Select any of the presentations below as a starting point, or challenge me with a fresh topic.


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Most Requested Presentations


How to Overcome your Data Quality Superstitions

Are you fearful that trying to fix your company’s data quality issues will result in 7 years of bad luck?  Too often, data quality superstitions lead to paralysis by analysis. You don’t need a rabbit’s foot to make progress with your data management strategy, you just have to separate fact from fable.

Voicemail as a Science

If 8 out of 10 sales calls go into voicemail… you better be damn good at leaving voicemail messages! Most people think they are good. How do you know…have you measured it?

Voicemail is a critical tool in sales communication. You can’t avoid it and you can’t afford to be bad at it.

The 8 Laws of Internet Research

Just as there are natural laws that govern the world we live in, there are also universal laws that govern the Internet. Understanding these laws will not only help you tap into this rich source of information; it will give you a competitive advantage for your business.

Sphere of Influence Selling; Strategies that can Advance your sales 9 out of 10 Times

The Legends of Sales. You see them consistently in the Presidents Club. They come from many different disciplines, yet they yield a common weapon; Influence.

Building the Ultimate B2B List: Impact your Sales, Marketing and Recruiting

Where does your data come from? When was it last refreshed? How does it impact your sales? Marketing, Recruiting, and Sales live or die on the effectiveness of their data – learn how the quality of your data impacts the bottom-line.

The Art of the Elevator Pitch

When that first question, the top question every prospects asks, “So what do you do exactly?” is actually asked, how great is the impression you make? How about your team?

Based upon the analysis of literally hundreds of videotaped pitches from tradeshows and recorded telephone pitches Broadlook founder Donato Diorio developed a scientific breakdown of a great elevator pitch and a grading system that will provide you and your team a scale to document a baseline of your elevator pitch skills and measure improvement over time.

The Near and Far Future of Recruitment

By now you know, the days of being able to avoid new technologies have come to an end. Recruiters either have to evolve their process to meet ever increasing expectations from clients or face extinction. The pace of innovation has been outstanding, and to be competitive recruiters must stay on top of new trends in technology including mastering the social web, maximizing the power of mobile recruiting, and knowing what is on the technology horizon in order to stay ahead of competition.

Technology, done right, allows recruiters to assert more influence, be more connected and spend more time focusing on relationships. Connectivity, Influence and Relationship are foundations of recruitment.

You’ve Got the Candidate’s Name (Don’t Screw it Up)

Critical first impressions can further or ruin the recruitment process. So, how does your initial outreach stack up? Who is assigned to do it? And how do you measure your success?

Every day time and money is spent on name sourcing yet little to no attention is spent planning, measuring and coaching the crafting of the first impression.

The Job Order Zone

Are you in the zone? The “Job Order Zone” is that rare place that you reach when everything seems easy. Remember that amazing feeling of simply being on top of your game?

Many factors contribute, but one thing is definite. When you are in the zone, prospective clients say YES. Getting in the zone is not a random occurrence.

Dominate a New Recruiting Desk

Have you ever played RISK?  Winning in RISK and recruitment is about covering all your bases and eventually dominating your opponent.

If you are interested in dominating your competition, this webinar is for you.  Unlike recruitment training which focuses on recruiting techniques, this webinar will focus on business strategies and business techniques.  What are niche leaders doing?  What should every recruitment manager know?


Talks by Donato


SRA Conference
The Spark that Ignites Revenue: Are you ready for a dedicated researcher?

MRI – Indianapolis
Making Placements Utilizing Social Media


WorldBridge Partners Annual Conference
The Near (and Far) Future of Recruitment
Recruitment Branding & SEO Workshop

MRI Global
Business development in the 2010’s; Market Building (and domination) Strategies

SmartSearch Sponsored Webinar
Sphere of Influence Selling


National Association of Professional Background Screeners Conference
Truth and Influence; The Ultimate Sales Weapons

You’ve Got the Candidates Name, Now Don’t Screw It Up!

The Near (and Far) Future of Recruitment

You’ve Got the Candidates Name, Now Don’t Screw It Up!

CRM Addon Sponsored Webinar
Sphere of Influence Selling

SmartSearch Sponsored Webinar
Dominate a New Recruiting Desk

REC Sponsored Webinar
Dominating A New Recruiting Desk


OnRec Expo 2009
Beyond Name Sourcing: You’ve got the Candidate’s Name (Don’t Screw it up!)

2009 Global Conference
The Job Order Zone: Become a Marketing Machine in Any Economy

NEAPS (New England NAPS)
The Job Order Zone: Become a Marketing Machine in Any Economy

Illinois Recruiters Association
The Job Order Zone: Become a marketing machine in Any Economy

The Job Order Zone: Become a marketing machine in Any Economy

7 Laws of List Generation


SourceCon Global Sourcing Conference
The Seven Laws of Internet Research

National Association of Personnel Services
The Birth of a Big Biller

FAPS (Florida NAPS)
Remote Research: How to Make it Work for You

US Recruiters Network Conference
Geek Mythology: How to Talk to a Technical Candidate

Global Conference for Online Recruitment
Using Your Personal Blog to Promote Your Corporate Mission

NEAPS (New England NAPS)
Supercharge Your Firm with a Dedicated Sourcer

Get A Yes on Your First Call
Dominating a New Recruiting Desk


Mastering Your Small Business Conference
The Increase of Technology: Are You Ready?

NEAPS (New England NAPS)
Fearless Cold Calling

National Association of Personnel Services
Ten Ways Technology Can Double Your Billings

FAPS (Florida NAPS)
How to Coach a Sales Candidate

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