First. Fracture is not bad, it is good.

ERE in San Diego was a great conference.  It’s taken a week for everything to sink in and then bubble up out of my subconscious.  My mission at these conference is to throw out some ideas, sit back and listen.  While there are always the obvious tracks of discussion, my ear is attuned to different topics.   While talking to people who use corporate recruiting software, the resounding theme that I was hearing is that recruiting and sourcing are further differentiating.

A few signs:

-More talk of sourcing getting it’s own budget.
-This seems simple, but it was noticeable: titles are starting to have the word “sourcing” in them.
-Increased discussions, sidebars, questions about “sourcing” vs. recruiting.
-Increased line length at the vendors booths that provide recruiting technology. This makes Broadlook happy!
-Sourcing has it’s own conference.

Last thought. Can someone talk to Microsoft? “Sourcing” is still seen in my Microsoft Word 2007 as a spelling error. When this gets fixed, sourcers are legit!


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