Realization.  It does not happen in the first 6 months of having a new CRM.  Your CRM sales rep did not tell you about it.  It was not something that was on your mind.  Your CRM is dirty and it is costing you revenue.  CRM Deduplication is starting to become a probem.

If you approach your CRM vendor six months after you started, they will point you into two possible chasms.  (1) Professional services to clean your data (2) Data deduplication tools that will clean your data.  I am here to tell you that both are sink-holes for your cash.  Unless they provide you a solution that will stop the dirty data, you will be coming back to the pay the piper on a regular basis.  Think about it:  Data deduplication vendors want to fix your data, but they also know it will get dirty again.  Reoccurring revenue trumps solving problems?  They want you forever.

Is there a better way?

Next post: CRM’s are not built to keep your data clean

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