Peter Clayton always does a great job of asking me questions that get me charged up.  Here is the interview from the HR Technology conference.

The Single Point of Truth: Broadlook Technologies Takes a Big Move Towards the Cloud

"With CRM Shield, we are solving the actual disease of dirty data" Donato Diorio

Donato Diorio at HR Tech in Chicago

Donato Diorio

Welcome to our continuing coverage from HR Tech in Chicago. Donato Diorio is a pioneer in the field of Internet research. As software architect and the owner of a top billing placement firm, Donato envisioned applications that could automate many of the most time-consuming research functions performed by his recruiters. With the assistance of a team of developers, Donato created a series of innovative tools that immediately impacted revenue for his firm. It didn’t take long to realize the potential of these applications beyond the scope of internal use, and in 2001, Broadlook Technologies was born.

"Linkedin is not a social network. Linkedin is a social database."

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Stay tuned… a complete transcript of Donato’s podcast coming soon!
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