It is interesting and challenging to pick a new domain name.  At some point, it can get frustrating since everything you try to pick is already registered.  Here is some advice, use a tool.  You would not want to search the Internet by going to every building that is connected to the Internet and looking on each individual hard drive.  We use a tool.  Search engines.

Picking a domain name also has it’s tools.  My first step was to find a source of words.  I wanted short, common words. I found this resource of the top 100 words in the English language:

This gave me a source of data.  I captured the table from the webpage using Broadlook Eclipse (I don’t cut & paste) and exported a list to Excel.  Next, I visited a few of my favorite sites. and   With you put words into groups, and then bustaname creates permutations of available web domains.  Using this method I picked up for $7.   Nice domain.  2 syllables, includes 2 of the top 100 words in the English language, and it rhymes.

Here is an example of what looks like.  In this example,  you can see a small sub section of available domains based on top 100 words in English.

bustaname1 bustaname2

In my first hour of searching, manually, I tried over 50 domains, and none that I liked were available.  In the next hour I had my pick of about 5 domains I really liked.

Moral of the story: Whether you are picking a domain name or doing Internet Research,  don’t be stupid,  use a tool.

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