I am behind the times.  Kicking back tonight I caught the Apple TV commercial that you can now access facebook with the iPhone.  My facebook profile needs updating. I do love my iPhone, so I jumped on and learned that AmyBeth Hale was having coffee with her bro and that her space heater was on the blink.  Not the information I was looking for, but, the ease of accessing it made me think (I am a fan of AmyBeth, so don’t say any different). 

The biggest explosion of the social networks will be when voice recognition nears 100%.  Yes, everyone types, but we are just putting up with it because we don’t have something better.  Think.  Microsoft software is now in cars.  It does voice recognition.  Microsoft invested in facebook.  Soon we will be seeing in AmyBeth’s profile that she just took a left turn on the drive over to the next SourceCon event.  AmyBeth won’t have to type it in.  It will all be controlled by a set of preferences.  If she does not want the world to know her whereabouts, that option gets turned off.  Technology converges and then excelerates.   The key elements are (1) Superior/intelligent input devices and (2) rules to determine what to do with the input.  We will see it. 

Back to the stream of thought:  Ease of access to information.  Back on facebook.  Political commercial on TV.  Check out how the candidates are doing.  Search on each candidate.  Stats found:

In race
John McCain  59,902 facebook supporters
Hillary Clinton  113,248 facebook supporters
Barack Obama 515,332 facebook supporters
Mike Huckabee  – not on first page of results for “Mike Huckabee”

Not in race, but worth mentioning
Ron Paul 84,145 facebook supporters 
John Edwards 32,630 facebook supporters

Wow.   The Internet cannot, will not be ignored in this election.  Ignore it or don’t leverage it is political death.    It will be interesting how the numbers affect momentum and final results.  Businesses and consultancies will be built on the analysis of this information and how it affects the real world.  Keep in mind that this is the presidential election and we are seeing it many months in advance.  Closer to election day we will start to see the congressional candidates more visible as well. They are there now, we just don’t see “facebook groups” for state and local elections popping up.  We will.

On the other hand Ron Paul is doing better on facebook than John McCain, but he is out of the race.  Interesting variables.  Where is the buzz to influence ratio?  Ron Paul, buzz, McCain has the support of the voters.   I take no sides here, I just find it interesting. I’m curious.

This data can and will be data mined.  What will be done with this information once it is stored?   What information do you add to the social network?  Who will cross reference this data with national cell phone databases?  Who will I be getting calls from on my cell phone come November?  

Has anyone thought of a version of the do-not-call-list for data stored on social networks?  One repository with permissions for usage of data.  Google has their Open Social system for working with many social networks.  Maybe someone can leverage it.

Never know where a blog is going until I’m done.  Meeting with my adopt-a-blogger Dan Hughes in the early am.  Should I spend time posting my appt on facebook or find  a facebook appointment interceptor widget?   I vote widget.

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