Every company has a unique set of requirements for treating data.  A pure telesale operation that never uses postal mail may want to take an abbreviated approach to data entry.   Example: Container Co

However, a mail order house may want a take a formal approach to company names.
Example: The Container Company Incorporated

Basically, there is no single rule for company names. Every company is unique.  This is where a CRM Data Plan comes into play.

Even within a single data point like a company name, there can be many rules regarding how to format that data.  A CRM Data Plan covers a set of rules as it relates to contact information in a CRM.  Rules exist for company names, URL’s, names, titles, and much more are covered by a CRM Data Plan.  A CRM Data Plan is critical to success tacking CRM deduplication.

Here is an example of a few rules regarding company names.

Done right, a CRM Data Plan gives you a baseline on your journey toward a clean CRM

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