“What is the first step to take to clean up your CRM data”?

Nearly everyone I pose this question to gets it wrong.  The typical answer is “dedupe the CRM”.

This list was for a client:  A stream of consciousness cut & paste from an email.  He needed something to discuss with his team.  He no longer believes dedupe (alone) will solve his data problems.

The real list is longer, but you only get that if you are my client.

  1. Silo Identification – Identify the sources of data.
  2. Structured Capture – Pool data from CRM, lists & databases.
  3. Unstructured Capture – Extract & Datamine.  Email archives,  etc.
  4. Data Assessment – Getting the facts about the data.
  5. Assessment Review –
  6. Consultation –   blah blah
  7. Data Standards Plan – Design a strategy for future data standards.
  8. Data Normalize – Standardize according to Data Plan.
  9. URL Fill – Complete URL’s to disambiguate target objects.
  10. Data Mapping – Define and align data from all sources.
  11. Concatenate Silos – Combine into unified destination
  12. Duplicate Detection Rules -Define what constitutes a duplicate
  13. Resolution Plan –
  14. Scoring Plan – Develop weights for conflicting data sources
  15. Silo Merge – Merge data according to weights in scoring plan
  16. Automated Dedupe – auto
  17. Duplicate resolution – manual
  18. Data Actions – what happens w/ data
  19. Clean Review
  20. Address Correction
  21. Company Profiling
  22. Email Fill
  23. Enhancement Review






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